Participatory design in a workplace called school.

PDC-'92 (Conference on Participatory Design.

"Participatory design examines the questions: Who makes [these] decisions? and How can we widen the circle of decision makers to include the people who are directly affected by the technology and whose expertise is essential to making the technology fit into the user's lives and What processes, methods and technologies support more inclusive decision making ?" (PDC'92, 1992).

In this poster session both the process and the product of participatory design in one educational context will be presented. As a site member of Apple's Global Education Network and as an Apple Centre for Innovation, Marigold Elementary School in Victoria, British Columbia (Canada), has successfully developed computer applications that reflect the principles of participatory design. Thus, both the conversations subsumed by the process (e.g., administrative, curricular and learning) and one of the products (Marigold's HyperCard yearbook) will be presented.

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